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As local contractors who live and work in Newport Beach, we understand that there is an expectation of excellence required from beach area residents and business owners. We guarantee customer satisfaction and end-result confidence for your home.


Appearance and Functionality.

We realize that curb appeal is important and property maintenance should complement the building. We offer custom gutter installations to ensure the fit is perfect not only for functionality but for design as well!


Top-Quality Professionalism.

Our gutter installation and maintenance teams are fully trained and qualified professionals. We offer Same-Day Estimates which include a thorough evaluation and discussion of your request. The materials we work with are known for lasting beyond their warranty.

Our Happy Customers Say….

"I used Out Of The Gutter to replace our broken gutters last year. I was really impressed with their workmanship. Highly recommend."

Jim Hughes

"We purchased an older home in Orange and our gutter system needed to be replaced. So thrilled with the work these guys did. Thank you!"

Cynthia Young

"Our Mission Viejo home was finally looking pretty, except for the sagging gutters. Rich and his guys got our property looking great in days."

Patrick O’Grady

"Highly Recommend Out Of The Gutter! Great customer service. Our home looks like new. Super Pleased!"

Ivy Patton

"Rich and his crew are fantastic. They took care of the leak and got our home protected again ASAP."

Sara Kerns



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We specialize in high-quality rain gutter installation and fabrication of seamless rain gutters for all of Orange County, CA.

Reliable Gutter Repair Service

Requests for gutter repair are second only to bookings for gutter installation… especially from people with older homes. Often, rain gutters have been neglected by previous owners. Even worse, a lot of old gutters may have been poorly installed.

We provide rapid repair estimates over the phone and by email. As part of our service to you, we inspect every part of your entire system to look for areas of weakness or potential trouble.

Wherever possible and with your approval, we provide remedial work while on site. If there is something unusual that needs extra attention, our guys can usually return the following day.

We don’t just inspect your rain gutters and downspouts, we double-check and fasten them too.

Fascias and siding are often overlooked by an inexperienced company. It takes a keen eye and a willingness to go the extra mile in customer service. 

Our experts provide you with any specific areas of concern with your roof or property. They are usually able to make basic repairs on site or can arrange to return to fix the problem. 


Quality Materials & Workmanship 

Rain gutters play a crucial role in the protection of your property’s foundation, fascia, and siding from becoming ruined or damaged beyond repair. We offer only the highest quality materials because we believe in providing a solution that will last.



Seamless Gutters Specialists


Our rain gutters are available in:

  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Galvanized
  • Bonderized Steel
  • Galvaloom

We use the best gutter machines in the industry to make perfect, custom lengths to fit your property. 


We offer all styles of rain gutters such as:

  • OG
  • K style
  • Box gutter
  • Half Round
  • Angle Face Gutters
  • and more.

We also offer a custom-designed rain gutter if you need something specifically tailored to for a project or you have an unusual property.


Long-Lasting, Pre-Painted Gutters

Installation of pre-painted rain gutters provides you with affordable, functional protection from water damage to your roof, foundation, exterior walls, and landscaping. In addition, your new system reduces the possibility of dry rot, mildew, oxidation, corrosion, insect infestation, and soil erosion. Gutter installation could be seen as an insurance policy against far more costly renovation of your building.

Pre-painted seamless rain gutters are easy to maintain with an annual inspection and cleaning, if necessary, to maintain its original function and prevent anything other than minor repairs due to normal wear and tear and weathering.

Once painted, rain gutters will not rust or corrode if installed properly and will never need painting no matter which metal you choose.  Aluminum, steel, and copper are your options.  

We offer 30 different colors that are baked on the aluminum – they resist chipping, peeling and fading. Carefully maintained, your system should function properly for 40 years or more.

Expert Rain Gutter Cleaning 

We recommend scheduling an annual rain gutter cleaning to ensure that when the rains and storms do come your gutters perform efficiently. In Southern California we tend to forget rain until it arrives. This is why scheduling an annual cleaning and checkup can keep your gutters lasting long and working strong.

As part of any job, our gutter cleaners will advise you of any problems with wood fascias and downspouts that require attention. Our crew will be able to perform downspout repair and fascia repair while they are onsite.


Annual Maintenance Plans

Once per year (or more, if desired), we will perform a thorough inspection of your entire system. 

  • We use a powerful blower to clear any debris left behind.
  • All connections to the fascia board or rafter tails are checked for loose screws, spikes or facets.
  • We check caulking on all end caps and corners, both inside and out, for any cracks.
  • Downspouts are examined to make sure they are clear and secured properly to the structure.
  • We clean up and haul away everything we have removed.

We understand gutter cleaning in Orange County is an easily overlooked task that owners of real estate in warm climates such as ours tend to forget. This is why our annual maintenance plans make sense and take the headache of needing to remember to schedule.


 Why Choose Out Of The Gutter?

Out Of The Gutter is a family-owned provider for every Orange County rain gutter need. Out Of The Gutter puts a great deal of emphasis on the quality of the workmanship provided, the attitude of our crews and most importantly the overall satisfaction of every customer.

Wherever you live in Orange County, we can assist with anything related to rain gutters. Our Newport Beach crews concentrate on serving properties with Orange County gutter installation in Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa and Corona Del Mar but are also frequently seen inland as far as Irvine and Tustin. We also have a crew that exclusively serves customers in Long Beach.

Newport Beach

Awesome Job!

I had a great experience with Out of the Gutter. I left a message on a Sunday afternoon and Guy returned my call within a few minutes. He came out the following day to give me the estimate. He and his crew then performed the work on the day and time we scheduled. For both appointments, Out of the Gutter was on time. They did a fantastic job. I would not hesitate to recommend Out of the Gutter.

Sheryl G., Newport Beach

Out Of The Gutter's Latest Gutter Client Testimonials

Sheryl G., Newport Beach

I had a great experience with Out of the Gutter. I left a message on a Sunday afternoon and Guy returned my call within a few minutes. He came out the following day to give me the estimate. He and his crew then performed the work on the day and time we scheduled. For both appointments, Out of the Gutter was on time. They did a fantastic job. I would not hesitate to recommend Out of the Gutter.